This article was published 16 years ago

700,000 live streams served during YouTube Live

Did you watch YouTube Live? If so, your one of 700,000 that tuned into the live performance, according to TechCrunch. The article goes into details about the companies that Google could have partnered with and why the company chose Akamai.

It appears based on public Akamai data that about 700,000 people were watching the YouTube concert at its peak. There’s more information on the Mogulus blog, but basically Akamai was serving about 150,000 live streams across its networks right before the event started, and 863,000 at the peak of the concert.

As for the show, I didn’t watch it because I was watching the final LSU home game at Tiger Stadium. However, I did watch a few seconds of the live performance and it looked like live versions of popular YouTube clips. The ‘Will it blend’ dude was there as well as Will.I.Am and Chad Vadar. The best part was the 1970s DJ doing cheesy voice over in-between acts and the pointless live video from the Virgin America party plane, 35,000 feet in the air. They looked like they were having fun partying in the crammed aisles (and those that are frequent fliers know how small they are, not a lot of room to dance; let alone two people walking in the aisles).

UPDATE: Mike Abundo posted in the comments that YouTube also did a live version in Japan, similar to Live Aid.  Except the Japan show was a complete failure.