This article was published 15 years ago

$99 4G iPhone at Wal-Mart?

Three days after Christmas, Wal-mart will sell the iPhone at Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club stores. Details weren’t release when phone blog Boy Genius Report first reported the exclusive announcement. Now the same blog is reporting that Wal-mart will sell a special 4GB iPhone for $99.

“We just got a tip that in addition to the iPhone 3G actually making its way to Walmart, as we exclusively told you, there will be a 4GB model priced at $99 with a 2-year agreement”, the blog post said, “We’re not putting our stamp of approval behind this one just yet as the tipster isn’t listed in our BGR’s Guide to respected Ninjas handbook, but it does make you think, doesn’t it?”

I’m not sure why Wal-mart wants a special version of this phone. Probably because the reason people shop at Wal-mart is because the store sells products with low prices. Makes sense; low prices, cheap iPhone. But I’m not sure people would buy this phone with 4GB when you can go to Best Buy and get it for $199 with 8GB. Not to mention that selling a 4GB iPhone at Wal-mart and nowhere else could cheapen Apple’s image because Apple quit making a 4GB version of the iPhone.