This article was published 15 years ago

AM newsletter – 03.19.09

Here we go again! It’s the morning edition of the Controlalttv newsletter. I know I was supposed to send out a PM edition of the newsletter but I had several items on my plate that prevented me from sending out the email. I do not expect to send out an afternoon edition today as well.

I. Browsers get hacked!

I never heard of the CaanSecWest conference in Vancouver but this conference made news when a student from a German University was able to successfully exploit Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer – seconds. The Register has a write-up on this story. The article doesn’t state if the Safari browser was exploited on the Mac or Windows PC, but AppleInsider does state that it was the Mac OS X. Notice what’s missing from the list? Opera! This either confirms that Opera is the safest browser or that nobody uses the browser.

II. E-book reader news

Sony’s e-book reader store got an additional 600,000 books from Google . . for free! Only problem is that all of these books are public domain, which means you won’t be able to get the latest Tom Clancy book. However, if you never read “A Tale of Two Cities”; you can read it, providing you have a Sony ebook reader. Take that, Amazon! Meanwhile, Fujitsu is getting into the ebook reader market as well. And they’re getting into the market with the bar set EXTREMELY high – with a color ebook reader – a very expensive $1,000 color ebook reader.

III. More Apple News

Apple was the news on Tuesday, now AT&T wants in on the spotlight as well. There’s news that AT&T will sell a contract-free $599 (8GB) and $699 (16GB) iPhone for existing AT&T customers. Also, Macrumors is reporting that USB tethering – connecting your phone to the computer to surf the Internet – is working perfect. Only problem is that if you really want this feature, excellent hacking skills are a must!