This article was published 15 years ago

Apple going to CES next year?

Apple announced last month that the company will longer participate in future MacWorld expos at the San Francisco convention center.  Now rumors are surfacing that Apple will participate at the Consumer Electronics Show next year.

“On the heels of announcing its plans to bail on Macworld Expo next year, Apple will be instead attending the more generic Consumer Electronics Show in 2010, according to sources familiar with the matter,” Apple rumor blog AppleInsider is reporting.  “ . . Sources close to the company have indicated to AppleInsider that the move is a done deal, a remarkable turn of events given that CES has long been dominated by Microsoft’s product announcements issued in keynotes delivered by Bill Gates and now by CEO Steve Ballmer.”

Cult of Mac is also reporting on this story as well.

This would be a 180-degree turn from Apple original statement saying that the company doesn’t need trade shows to show off the latest products.  CNET has more on this speculation that Apple won’t be going to CES next year or anytime soon.

I’m going with CNET on this one, Apple continues to grow every quarter.  And they don’t need trade shows to show off new products since all major media outlets are in bed with Apple, kissing up to Steve Jobs.