This article was published 15 years ago
Shorts ending video uploading service

For those not in the know, Brightcove is a YouTube-like service that allows anyone to upload videos to BrightCove and they distribute them in a flash player, just like YouTube does.  Only difference between YouTube and Brightcove is that Brightcove as lots of partners from the New York Times to the Discover Channel (list here).  Good thing I didn’t upload any videos to Brightcove.  This is the main reason why I put my stuff on my website instead of MySapce and Facebook.  They could decide to end service at any moment and I lose all of my stuff.

The email Brightcove sent out to members:

Dear Brightcove.TV member,

Beginning December 18, 2007, we plan to end support of direct consumer uploads to Brightcove.TV.  As a result, you will not be able to upload new videos to Brightcove.TV after December 17, 2007. But videos you have already uploaded to Brightcove.TV will remain available on the site and through your Brightcove.TV channel.  Videos you have embedded in other sites and blogs will also continue to play.

If you have a Brightcove Platform or Network account, which means you use the Brightcove Console, then you will still have the option to promote videos on Brightcove.TV.

Brightcove.TV will continue to be a guide to great video from Brightcove media and business partners.  The site will have new videos added to it daily from these partners and these videos can be saved as favorite videos in your channel.

If you work for a media company, marketer, non-profit, or business and are looking to purchase the Brightcove platform to publish and distribute video on your own site, please visit the Brightcove Products Overview section of our website.

We appreciate your interest in Brightcove and apologize for any disruption this change may cause you.

The Brightcove Team