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10 best goat remix songs

Image credit: Flickr / Linda McGee

I’m loving the “yelling goat” meme, anything to quickly kill Harlem Shake. I despise it so much that the federal government has joined in my hatred and will try it’s hand at killing the meme. Hopefully it succeeds (I doubt it) and conservatives might have a positive comment to say at President Obama (I doubt that, too!). Why do I have so much hatred for Harlem Shake? Because every one feels the need to do a viral video. And when everyone feels that they have to do a Harlem Shake vid only for popularity purposes, it dilutes the flavors that keep the meme rolling. Which is why I love the “goat yelling” meme: it’s simple, funny, every video is different and not everyone feels the need to do a goating video. Here’s my top ten favorite goat remixes.

Honorable mentions:

Eminem – Lose it

This video wasn’t good enough to get in the top ten but enough to earn a mention. What stopped it for earning a spot was the ending; going good, then falls apart.

10. Queen – We are the champions

Our first example of “goating” a song, just put a screaming goat at any point in the song.  What makes it perfect is when you blend the yelling goat into the song, whether than stop the video and insert a goat. It can still work but it’s much better if blended. This was a last-minute substitution because David Guetta doesn’t like it when people goatify his songs. It’s his lost!

9. Rebecca Black – Friday

You don’t have to use a screaming goat on every song, this version went a different route. Talking lambs can make anything better, including Rebecca Black. This video would have gone higher if the editor removed the silence gaps in-between the song and the lamb. Perfect example is the next video.

8. Miley Cyrus – Party in the U.S.A.

A better version of adding a talking lamb to a video that replaces the word “yeah”!

7. Slayer – Angel of death

You can pretty much add a screaming goat to any heavy-metal song and it would sound awesome. Added points for blending the goat to the song.

6. One Direction – What makes your beautiful

What makes this version extremely funny is using three goats to sound like they’re saying “uh oh”, like it sounds in the actually song.

5. Usher – Yeah!

Usher has thing in attracting goats to sing his songs. One song is widely credited for starting the goat remix. This version has a clever mix of a goat doing the chorus.

4. Taylor Swift – I knew You Where Trouble

The song that started a revolution of remixing songs with goats. The song that started the goat yelling meme has forked into another meme. Now they’re versions with Nic Cage, an automatic paper towel dispenser and a bunny.

3. Bon Jovi – Livin’ on a prayer

Another perfect blending: take a popular Bon Jovi song and adding yelling goats to accompany the chorus.

2. Whitney Houston – I Will Always Love You

This hilarious version of goating the late Whitney Houston would have been higher if the editor found a way to extend the yelling goat through the chorus. Still highly hilarious!

1. Skrillex – First of the Year

While some videos were tough to rank, this version wasn’t. Someone spent several hours adding different versions of goats to make it part of the song. An excellent version of “goating” a song!

These are just a few of a meme that is trending to overtake the Harlem Shake. It can’t come fast enough!