This article was published 16 years ago

Cellphone news: Sprint on a comeback and iPhone plans on AT&T

Rather than having two stories on Sprint and the iPhone, I’d combine them into one, big, gigantic story (I might be a little over-extravagant).

First, we’ll start with Sprint. is reporting that Verizon and AT&T are having fewer numbers being ported from Sprint.

Rumors have surfaced that the investor relations departments for both Verizon and AT&T were telling individual shareholders that fewer telephone numbers were being ported over from Sprint’s wireless network. That speculation offers an explanation as to why Sprint shares have jumped 15% during the same week that the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 4% to its lowest level in 2008.

AT&T spokesman Michael Coe said the company was offering no comment on the speculation. Verizon spokesman Jim Gerace took a harder stance, saying that “Sprint continues to be our largest source of port-ins.”

This comes after Engadget reported that Sprint newest phone, The Instinct, are flying off the shelves at some stores. Hopefully this trend will continue after July 11 because Sprint is in need of good stories.

Speaking of July 11, our second story involves around the ‘second coming’ of the iPhone2. AT&T unveils plans for the iPhone2 as well as time for the release, 8 A.M. local time. Here are the details for the iPhone:

  • New customers as well as those that bought an iPhone before July 11 will be able to get the iPhone 2 for $199 (8GB) and $299 (16GB). Existing users may be eligible for the discounts if they meet certain requirements, like time remain on contract and payment history. Requires new line of service, two-year contract and activation fee ($18 for existing, $36 for newcomers).
  • Customers who don’t qualify for the discount will be able to get the iPhone2 for $399 (8GB) and $499 (16GB). Both require a two-year contract as well. Activation fee applies as well
  • Customers who don’t want to be tied to a contract will pay $599 (8GB) and $699 (16GB) as well as activation fee.

Plans for the iPhone2. All plans include unlimited data. Add $5 per month for 200 text messages, $15 for 1,500 and $20 for unlimited

  • $69.99 – 450 minutes, 5,000 night and weekend minutes
  • $89.99 – 900 minutes; unlimited night and weekends
  • $109.99 – 1,350 minutes; unlimited night and weekends
  • $129.99 – unlimited minutes

One more thing, all iPhones will have to be activated at an AT&T store. No word yet if you can activate one at an Apple store (one would guess yes). Otherwise, expect a nightmare at all AT&T stores across the country (U.S.) on July 11.