This article was published 15 years ago

Cisco to close 4 days to cut costs

The United States is in a recession and during these hard economic times (*drink) companies are laying off employees, cutting costs and one company is shutting down production over the New Year holidays to save money.

Cisco Systems Inc. will close most of its U.S. and Canadian offices for 4 days over the holidays as part of a plan to cut $1 billion in costs in the current fiscal year, the company said Tuesday.

Many Silicon Valley companies have traditionally shut down over the holidays when business is slow and employees are on vacation. Some are now extending those closures, or revisiting a practice long since eliminated, in a bid to save money in a rocky economy.

Cisco’s closure begins Dec. 29 and lasts through Jan. 2. The company describes it as a 4-day shutdown because it includes New Year’s Day, a federal holiday when Cisco offices would be closed anyway.

Wonder if more companies will follow Cisco to ‘cut costs’.