This article was published 16 years ago

Clear Channel wants XM-Sirius to decency laws

Clear Channel, the largest owner of U.S. radio stations, wants the FCC to force the XM-Sirius merger to decency laws like broadcast TV and radio stations are subject to

“One of the primary potential dangers to free, over-the-air radio posed by this merger is siphoning popular, including ‘edgy’ content, with consequent loss of advertising revenue,” Clear Channel wrote to the FCC on March 11th. “That potential harm is mitigated if broadcast decency rules were to apply to the merged entity. There is no constitutional bar to such a condition.”

How can a pay service be subject to decency laws?  Sounds like Clear Channel doesn’t like the upcoming merger, even though many people (including me) believe Clear Channel destroyed radio.  How can the merger of XM-Sirius be a monopoly when Clear Channel is the biggest owner of radio stations?