This article was published 16 years ago

CNN sells T-Shirts; hackers figure out how to make custom shirts

Why CNN did this, I have no clue.

Here’s how the process works. If you go to and notice a little shirt next a headline?

cnn t-shirt headlines
A t-shirt icon appears next to headlines on – Image credit: CNN

Click on the shirt and you can buy a T-Shirt with the headline for $15

cnn tshirt DUI gizmo might've been wrong 2 years
An example of a CNN t-shirt with the headline “DUI gizmo might’ve been wrong 2 years” – Image credit: CNN

However, the blogging community figured out that you can change the headline in the address bar and make the shirt customization.

cnn Tshirt Fox News
A hacked T-shirt with a headline “Fox still beats is nightly” – Image credit: CNN

And the fun begins . . .