This article was published 15 years ago

Comcast to roll out bandwidth monitor usage

Internet users on Comcast will now have the ability to monitor how much bandwidth they use, reports. This comes as a turn-around from ‘users don’t need to know’ to ‘customer service reps will tell you when you call, even though the reps don’t’ to ‘we’re not telling, just guess’.

“An anonymous Comcast tipster informs us that Comcast will soon implement a viewable online usage meter starting January 5. According to the source, the tool won’t update users in real time, but will have a three hour delay,” Karl Bode reports, “It will also retain three months of bandwidth usage records, and will come with the option of monitoring multiple MAC addresses.”

Internet users that have Comcast as their ISP have a 250GB monthly bandwidth cap. Other ISPs like AT&T and Time Warner have 40GB limits.

Comcast recommend users download McAffee Security Suite to monitor their bandwidth reports. I don’t really understand why Comcast told users to download a bloat anti-virus/spyware/identity theft software just to monitor bandwidth usage. But now that users can check their Internet usage without downloading crapware.