This article was published 14 years ago

Contract-free wireless data plan unveiled at CES

datajack T-Mobile coverage map
Image credit: Datajack

The days of signing a long term contract are coming to an end with the unveil of another contract-free wireless data plan from DataJack.

DataJack, debuting at the Consumer Electronics Showcase in Las Vegas, Nev., unveiled a $40 a month unlimited, no long-term contract, no credit check wireless data plan using the T-Mobile 3G network. You can activate and cancel anytime and if you stay with DataJack for a year, you’ll get a month of service for free.

The company didn’t disclose what network the wireless data plan will be using but it looks like they’re using T-Mobile’s network when comparing coverage maps.

The USB modem is available online and in select stores $99 and has the ability to operate as a USB thumb drive with a 8GB microSD card.

Competition for pay-as-you-go wireless broadband is getting fierce. We’ll test the service in the coming months.