This article was published 16 years ago

Cox Sports on Dish, how sweeps can kill you and Apple comes to Baton Rouge

Now that I’m 100% back online, it’s time to start adding stuff to the website.  I’ll explain later on the problems I was dealing with.  But enough about my problems, lets’ get to the news.

Cox Sports lands on Dish Network

Last time we spoke about this issue, a temporary deal was reached between Charter Communications and Cox Sports TV that allowed Charter customers, mainly on the north side of Lake Pontchartrain, to watch three games on the cable system.  The temporary deal was short-lived as both sides failed to reach an agreement.  Now there’s great news for those that have Dish network in the New Orleans area as the NBA announced tonight that CST will be on Dish network.

Cox Sports Television, the exclusive regional sports network of the Hornets, and Dish Network have agreed on a multiyear deal that will make Cox Sports Television’s Hornets game telecasts available to fans throughout the New Orleans area.

Although the official launch of CST on Dish will take place on Monday, tonight’s game will be available in New Orleans on NBA TV and on Dish Network’s channel 421 — the channel CST will occupy when it launches.

Those who have DirecTV, like me, will have to wait.  CST will be on DirecTV as this will be a main reason to switch from cable to satellite, no matter which company you choose.  However don’t expect CST on DirecTV this season, but CST (maybe even CSTHD) may be there for Saints preseason games?

How sweeps can kill you

If you work in television; November, February and May are known as sweeps months; the months that set the rate of advertising on a particular channel.  This mainly applies to the broadcast networks (NBC, CBS, ABC, etc.) but some cable networks participate as well.  This is where TV stations go all out to get you watch their channel; the higher number of people who watch your channel, the more the channel will charge are advertising dollars.  This is also when you see such stories like how to break into a hotel room using social engineering, predators lurking on social networks, and the latest medical breakthroughs that keep you looking younger than your actual age (at least this was done in Dallas [I’m looking in your direction, KXAS-TV, cough!])

Anyway, I found this clever promo from Lostremote about how sweeps can kill you.

Apple store comes to Baton Rouge

Finally, Apple opens a store in Louisiana.  Now instead of me going to Dallas, Houston, or (traffic-infested) Atlanta, we have our own Apple store in Louisiana.  This has been a rumor for a while (can’t find story) plus  another rumor of Apple opening a store in Mobile, AL (mainly across the bay in Spanish Fort, AL at Eastern Shore Centre) and New Orleans as well, but that rumor was before Katrina and I think we can put that rumor of a New Orleans Apple store to death.