This article was published 15 years ago

Cyberattack on Israel website DEBKAfile

Gaza strip west bank Israel Palestine building bombed
A building is destroyed in Gaza strip. – Image credit: Flickr / RafahKid Kid

Hours after Israel launched a ground assault into the Gaza strip, Jerusalem-based DEBKAfile was down yesterday after an alleged cyberattack, more specifically a denial of service attack, knocked the website down for several hours.

DEBKAfile‘s two sites in English and Hebrew came under a massive cyber attack on our servers at the moment Israeli ground forces crossed into the Gaza Strip Saturday night, Jan. 3.”, the statement read on it’s website. “The attackers tried and failed to block and replace our content. We did our utmost to restore service as quickly as possible and return to full operation.”

This is starting to become a norm in the digital age. Two years ago Estonia was almost completely shut down by hackers back by the Russian government, the Estonia government claims.

War breaks out both on the battlefield and now online.