This article was published 15 years ago

Delaying DTV will only add more confusion

The main purpose of the delaying the DTV transition was because many households were not ready for the analog shutdown two weeks from now.

Several stations have said there will go ahead and turn off their analog signals. A recent article on Multichannel news estimate that over a thousand TV stations in the U.S. (61%) are ready for the analog shutdown.

Because of many stations going ahead with the analog shutdown, President Obama has stated that he will not sign the DTV delay bill until he hears what the public thinks about delaying the digital transition.

As of now, the analog shutdown date is still schedule for February 17.

What TV stations will do in the state of Louisiana all depends on where you live as some as said they will proceed with the analog shutdown on Feb. 17, some will delay the shutdown until June and some have already turned off their analog signals.

Here’s rundown of what some Louisiana TV stations will do in the coming weeks:

– All Louisiana Public Broadcasting Stations will stop broadcasting their analog signals on Feb. 17 March 6.

– In Baton Rouge, WAFB (CBS), WVLA (NBC) and WBRL (CW) will proceed to shutdown their analog signals on February 17. WBRZ (ABC) and WGMB (FOX), KPBN, WLFT and KZUP have not said what their plans are for analog.

– In New Orleans, WWL (CBS) will delay their shutdown until June. WDSU (NBC) has not decided what the station will do. WVUE (FOX) turned off their analog signal in December. As of Now, WYES (PBS) will proceed with their analog shutdown on February 17. WHNO (Ind.) has already turned off their analog signal. WGNO (ABC) and WNOL (CW) will proceed with their analog shutdown on February 17 as well. WLAE (PBS) is in the process of turning off their analog signals as well. No word on WPXL (ION) and WUPL (MyTV), KGLA (Telemundo) already broadcasts a digital signal when they signed on the air.

– In Lake Charles, KVHP (FOX) will terminate analog in February. No word on KPLC (NBC).

– In Lafayette, KADN (FOX), KATC (ABC) will turn off analog on February 17. No word from KLFY (CBS).

– In Alexandria, KALB (NBC) will terminate a day earlier on the 16th, WNTZ (FOX) will turn off their analog signal on February 17. KLAX (ABC) has not announce their intentions.

– No word from Shreveport or Monroe TV stations.

As you can from the list, a vast majority of TV stations in the state will proceed with the termination of their analog signals on February 17, 2009.

If your not ready for the analog shutdown and rely on analog signals through an antenna, you will be in trouble in two weeks.