This article was published 16 years ago

Duke university to RIAA: Show us evidence

Duke University is now requiring the Recording Artists Association of America to submit evidence that the student actually downloaded copyright music before the university hands over all litigation notices to students.

Duke will now require agencies like the Recording Industry Association of America to provide evidence of copyright infringement before forwarding pre-litigation notices to students, the Office of Student Affairs said Tuesday.

The University has stepped up its support for students with the new policy, scheduled to go into effect before the end of the semester. In the past, the University did not provide student information to the RIAA without a subpoena, but forwarded all pre-litigation notices to students without evaluating the validity of the infringement claims.

It’s nice to see that Duke university is stepping up to protect students from unlawful ligations, especially since many lawsuits from the RIAA aren’t holding up in court.