This article was published 17 years ago

Earthlink launched Wi-Fi Service in New Orleans

Even though Earthlink launched the service on December 21 announcing the service, I just found out about it today. Currently, the Wi-Fi service covers Uptown (excluding Audubon Park) along St. Charles Ave. from the River to a line from the Superdome to the River where Lake Ave. and St. Charles meets. It also covers downtown, but not the French Quarter. all the way to Elysian Fields Ave. The service also goes on to the westbank to cover almost all of Algiers.

I’ll be testing the service this week to see if the service is worth the $21.95 a month.

earthlink wifi new orleans
Earthlink’s coverage map for New Orleans. The company’s WiFi service will work in Uptown, Downtown, the French Quarter and Algiers. – Image credit: Earthlink