This article was published 15 years ago

Facebook wins lawsuit against spammer

Facebook users, are your inbox filling up with spam messages like check out my video? The spam messages have decreased and, in fact, I haven’t received a spam message in my Facebook inbox for a couple of months. But Facebook knows that spam messages could damage the company and went after spammers in court and won.

Facebook has won a judgment of nearly $1 billion against a Canada-based spammer. Now all the social networking site has to do is collect. Most spammers take calculated risks that they’ll eventually be caught, and they keep themselves and their assets out of reach. However, Facebook claims to know the whereabouts of Adam Guerbuez and intends to “take whatever he has.”

Social networking site Facebook has won an US$873 million judgment against Montréal-based spammer Adam Guerbuez.

Guerbuez “was phishing Facebook accounts and tricking people into giving them their personal information,” said Facebook spokesperson Barry Schnitt. “He then would send their friends e-mails for phony pharmaceuticals and sleazy sexual products.”

Spammers are very hard to find and collect their assets. All Facebook can do is hope this spammer kept his monies in Canada and not in an offshore account where it will be very hard to collect. I would be surprised if the company were able to collect from the spammer.