This article was published 16 years ago

FCC to vote on free Internet

Outgoing FCC Chairman Kevin Martin will add a requirement that winning bidders must set aside spectrum for free nationwide Internet will be added to the December 18 meeting, according to Reuters.

“The plan is championed by FCC Chairman Kevin Martin, a Republican whose time as chairman is waning as the Obama administration prepares takes office in January,” wrote Kim Dixon from Reuters. “Martin is expected to announce on Tuesday that his proposal will be considered at the commission’s December 18 meeting.”

Before you jump on the free bandwagon, the requirement faces huge resistances from cell phone companies that contend that the spectrum set aside for free Internet will interfere with their networks. The FCC disagrees with the cell phone companies statement that this would cause interference.

And the requirement also stats that ISPs must block pornographic content. Expect the ACLU to file a lawsuit on that requirement.

We’ll be following updates from the meeting on December 18.