This article was published 15 years ago

Flickr pro gone from AT&T Internet

AT&T dial-up and DSL users saw their monthly service increase from $9.95 to $15.95 on December 1.  Now Flickr pro will longer be included for AT&T Internet subscribers. In an email sent to AT&T users, the company did not explain why the service was being disconnected.  The email only said what was going to happen come February 1.

“We have an important update about your Flickr Pro account. Beginning January 2009, AT&T Internet members will no longer receive free Flickr Pro. All AT&T Internet Flickr pro accounts will be converted to free Flickr accounts, which are subject to some limits.”

“Your Flickr Pro account will expire on: 1st February, 2009.  This date includes any existing months of Flickr Pro that you may have purchased prior to receiving your free Pro account through AT&T Internet Service.”

I’ll be cancelling my AT&T account.  I’ve never used it, only had it for backup purposes.