This article was published 15 years ago

GateHouse and New York Times settle lawsuit

A settlement has been reached between Gatehouse Media and the New York Times Company in a copyright infringement lawsuit that was set to go on trail today, reports the Associated Press.

GateHouse Media sued the New York Times Company last month when one of hyperlocal site linked to one of GateHouse media newspapers in a Boston suburb and included an expert of the article.

“GateHouse claims violates copyright and trademark laws by taking GateHouse material published on its “Wicked Local” Web sites”, reports the AP article.

Terms of the agreement were not disclosed and lawyers for both sides did not comment on the agreement.

I’m glad this lawsuit was settled however I would have wanted this case to go to trail.  This would have settled how to properly link to other people’s websites, even though no one understands that sites like Drudge Report and Huffington Post brings traffic to those sites that are linked.  However, if GateHouse won this case, it would have dire consequences for the Internet for everyone.