This article was published 15 years ago

Girl Scouts revamp: blogging badges

To compete against declining membership and the changing world, the Girl Scouts of America are completely changing their style.  What’s out: old style teachings from the 50’s on how women should act.  What’s in: blogging merit badge.

“We took a step back and asked, ‘What do girls need from us right now?’ ” Eileen Doyle, the Girl Scouts’ senior vice president of program development, told Megan Greenwell of the Washington Post. “There is consistency in our goals throughout our history, but we can maintain that while being fun, edgy and challenging for modern-day girls.”

What I like about the Girl Scouts adopting to the changing times is more on the Internet, especially teaching girls less about online predators and more about scams.  I would like to see more educating about cyber-bulling and especially more about what you say online could hurt yourself (job wise).

Even though this is a good step of the Girl Scouts adopting to the changing times, if you have a troop that doesn’t adopt to the new items, then it’s not a success; which was the main reason why I left the Boy Scouts.