This article was published 16 years ago

Gossip site Valleyway to shut down

Silicon Valley can sleep a little easier now that gossip site is shutting down . . somewhat. It’s not completely shutting down, just moving to and having one writer.

I love Owen, but he has trouble writing in English during a crisis. So here’s the basics on what’s happening at Valleywag:

– Some guy named Denton can’t figure out how to sell ads on Valleywag.

– So he’s going to sneak Valleywag posts onto, where Ketel One is happy to buy banners. the URL will still work. Valleywag’s RSS feed will still work. You will not have to go to to read Valleywag stories.

– In 2009, Owen will be posting full-time, maybe 6-12 posts per day. Everyone else is fired.

Blame it on the slowing economy? Probably. Blame it on the fact that companies won’t buy ads on a gossip site that will trash the advertiser and no one outside San Francisco reads Valleywag? Bingo!