This article was published 15 years ago

Green Bay Packers ban Twitter

The Green Bay Packers will fine any player $1,701 (odd number if you ask me) if they tweet during official functions.  Official functions include practice, team meetings as well the game itself.  Packers running-back Ryan Grant told the news to his followers three days ago:

Soo the word issssss…NO tweets during any team activity(which i think is fine since we are focused) but that means.only…cont.

expect tweets in the morning before we go to work, possibly around lunch time and at night once we done..i dont want that heavy fine lol

Grant later clarified the situation by saying that the ban only occurs during team meetings and not practice.

Why do people have to tell everyone what there doing on Twitter?  Is it becoming such a problem that professional teams have to ban these social media tools because they’re using them too much?  (Do the fans really need to know that you had a sandwich with lettuce on it?)

I willing to wager that this has more to do with the NFL controlling their players actions and it does with players being distracted.  Remember when the NFL put restrictions on media outlets so fans can get the longer version of an interview on