This article was published 15 years ago

‘Guitar Bike Hero’ was a viral marketing ad

Is nothing original today? The “Bike Hero’ video that is becoming an Internet sensation has turned out be a marketing ad by Activision. Seems every video that becomes popular on the Internet turns out to be a marketing video. Can’t wait to hear news that the cat riding the Roomba was produced by Roomba.

I got on the phone today with an executive from Activision to find out the real history behind that clip. First of all, the company expected some of you to cry foul.

The video was made to build excitement around the release of “Guitar Hero: World Tour.” It was not shot by a guy named Kevin in Ft. Wayne, Indiana., as the clip’s profile page indicates on YouTube.

No, “Bike Hero” was shot in North Hollywood by a production team called Droga 5. That team has pulled off other viral stunts like the apparent graffiti-tagging of Air Force Once for Marc Ecko’s clothing company. This time, Activision was working with them.

I’m getting tired to see a video that is really cool and turns out to be a marketing video. One day the company that makes a viral video will get negative publicity. But until that happens, consider that every popular video is a marketing gimmick.

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