This article was published 15 years ago

Has it really been three months since I updated my blog?

Wow!  It’s been almost three months since I updated my blog.  My apologizes for not adding new content to the site except for what I’ve posted to Twitter.  Those posts will no longer appear on the front page.  They’ve been moved to a separate section on the site (click ‘Tweets’ in the menu bar at the top of the page).  As I stated in my last post I’ve been busy with developing a new site,

That website us 97% completed and is in full-beta operation.

ControlAltTV is a new online media site that will cover the tech and media scenes in the gulf coast region from Houston to Tallahassee.  From New Orleans to Nashville.  From Baton Rouge to Atlanta.  Anywhere in that region, we I will cover it.

Our first big story will be covering the computer animation convention, Siggraph, that’s in town for the week.  I have no idea how I will cover this event so this will be a practice run for conventions that will really matter like CES (Consumers Electronics Show) and South-by-Southwest.

Even though this will be a practice for covering a huge event, this week will be decide if I want to continue to build-out ControlAltTV or move on to something else.  I will meet with people this week that are involved in the start-up businesses and will provide more details about future plans for the site.

Even though all of my energy will be used to ControlAltTV, I have not forgotten about my blog.  Two weeks from now, I’ll be in Destin, Florida tweaking both my blog and ControlAltTV.  New items will be added to this site in the coming days/weeks/months/.  I can’t go into further details because I’m still editing the design of my blog to best suit my needs.

In the meantime, I’ve added some minor details to the site.  As I stated before my weekly twitter posts will no longer be shown on the front page.  I’ve also added an RSS plug-in that pulls the feed from my website, ControlAltTV.

That’s about all I’ve done to my blog.  I’m putting all of my resources into ControlAltTV.

As for Techvi, I am no longer a contributor to the site.  Me and the editor had a disagreement with some ideas I brought to the table.  I also didn’t have time to contribute to the site and develop ControlAltTV at the same time.

Depending on free time, I might add content to my blog.  It all depends on how much free time I have and if I have the necessary resources to blog (I’ll be using my netbook instead of my regular notebook).

Once again, I apologize for not blogging often and seeing my useless 140-character posts from Twitter (I’m @nolagregschultz if you want to follow me).