This article was published 14 years ago
SXSW 2010

How Microsoft will approve apps

Austin, Tex.

I spoke with a Microsoft representative at the GDGT party about how apps will be approved for the new Windows Mobile 7 OS – slated to be release for the Holidays 2010. An exact date wasn’t give but it will be out before December 28, the representative said. As for approving the apps:

  • A $99 fee will be charged to go through the approval process. Fee allows developer to submit up to five apps.
  • Apps must be developed using Sliverlight 4. Developers can download Sliverlight, Visual Studio 2010 Express, Phone emulator and XNA Game studio is you’re developing a game for the phone from the Developer site, which is located here. The developer site also includes code examples for developers “to see how the Windows Phone APIs are used in practice or as a starting place for your own applications.”
  • The app store will be moderated but if your app gets rejected, Microsoft will give you a reason why your app was rejected and help developers on fixing the app for approval.