This article was published 14 years ago

HTV (KFOL/KJUN) goes digital

KFOL KJUN Houma Morgan City HTV
Image credit: KFOL/KJUN/Folse Productions, Inc.

Houma and Morgan City residents that receive KFOL and KJUN over the air will no longer need to switch their converter boxes from analog to digital as KFOL/KJUN will start broadcasting in digital next week.

“One late night or early morning, we’ll turn everything off and make the transition,” said Martin Folse, station manager tells the Houma Courier.

FCC records also indicate that KFOL’s broadcast tower will be in a new location from its current location in West Houma to a new site in East Houma. KJUN’s tower will remain at its current site.

As to why KFOL and KJUN did not turn off their analog signals on June 12, 2009 when all TV stations were required to terminate their analog signals? KFOL and KJUN are categorized as a class-A low power TV stations, which were exempt from the analog shutdown.

Hurricane Gustav might have been a big factor as well as the storm damaged the broadcast tower of KJUN.