This article was published 16 years ago

Hulu launches with more than just TV shows

Hulu, a joint ventured with News Corp (anything with Fox on it) and NBC Universal (NBC, USA, Telemundo, Bravo and Sci-fi) finally dropped the ‘beta’ and went public.  During the beta pilot, you could only watch TV shows from NBC and FOX, like Family Guy.  Now that the site has gone public, hulu added more to the site like full-length movies from Universal and 21th century Fox, like The Big Lebowski.

Not only can you watch SOME full-length movies and embed them on your site, you can also watch sports programs on aired on FOX, like the 2008 Allstate BCS National Championship game between LSU and Ohio State (Spoiler alert: If your a buckeye fan, I suggest you not watch the game.  Unless your into torturing yourself.)