This article was published 15 years ago

iPhone takes second spot from Palm in corporate smartphone market share

Move over Palm, Apple has taken your spot as number two in corporate market share, according to data from ChangeWave Research. Keep in mind that it did take much to overpower Palm by three percentage points. Research in Motion (RIM) still has a huge market share with 76%.

A report from ChangeWave Research due for release shortly will show the iPhone to have recently gained 5 points in corporate market share, making it the second most popular business phone with a 14 percent share.

The gains came largely at the expense of Palm, who dropped 4 points while falling into third place overall with an 11 percent share. However, Apple was also able to grab a share point away from larger rival RIM, whose commanding lead now equates to a 76 percent share of the market.

Apple will spin this news that the company is on the way to the top, but 14% indicates that the iPhone has slow growth and it will be very hard to overtake RIM – especially since the company just released two phones, the bold and the storm. Also, many companies don’t want employees to have an iPhone because either work won’t get done or the iPhone does have third-party applications that many employees used on a daily basis, like power point mobile. Another item, companies are cutting down on spending.

With all three items, I can’t see Apple taking over RIM in market share. I can see it in the personal market share.