This article was published 13 years ago

Major changes coming next week

alttv logo
New logo for AltTV

Now that everything has settled down I can explain why I have been quiet for a couple of months. A new design will be revealed that will across the  desktop and many tablets like the iPad. Also being introduced for the first time is a mobile version of the site for mobile phones like the iPhone and Android phones.

Also, we will drop the ControlAltTV name in favor of something shorter, a little better to remember and still have a technology-related themed name as well.

The new name:

Because of the new design and new name, we have to shut down the site in order to change new design and make sure the site completely work with existing posts we have on the site.

We will shut down the site tonight at 12:00AM Central time (0:00 GMT) on February 26  and expect the site to return online on Tuesday, March 1.

We apologize for the inconvenience this way cause on our readers.

When the site returns, this domain name will forward to our new domain Please update your bookmarks to reflect the name domain URL.

Finally, we ask that you join our new Facebook page as the old page will be retired when the new site goes online. The new page is located here. Our YouTube channel is still active but new videos will not be posted to that account. Our new YouTube channel is located here. Our Twitter feed has automatically changed to the new name as well as our channel. We will continue to operate our old RSS feed and have no plans on deleting that feed but we encourage users to switch to the new RSS feed when it will be activated.

Again, we apologize for the inconvenience this may cause on our readers but we feel that this change is necessary in order to continue operate.