This article was published 16 years ago

Netflix to keep profile features

Under pressure to keep features or risk a mass exodus, Netflix announced today that the company will keep the profiles manager and will have no plans to discontinue them

“For users of Profiles, I have good news to report: we will keep the feature with no plans to discontinue it.”, said by a user name Todd on the Netflix community blog.

“We were persuaded by the well-reasoned, sincere responses of loyal members who very much value this feature. As someone who enjoys helping his four-year-old daughter manage her one-DVD-at-a-time, G-rated sub-account, I identified with these thoughtful pleas to maintain Profiles.”

When the removal of the profile features were announced, Netflix had 1,281 comments regarding the announcement.

“Quite possibly the biggest SNAFU for Netflix. If the termination of this feature goes through as promised, I will definitely not use Netflix again. Blockbuster, Vongo, and many others are just waiting to scoop up your customers, why are you eager so let them go?” an anonymous poster said.

I’m say it again (if I didn’t say it earlier), the Internet will make the smallest crowd sound like an army if you tick them off.