This article was published 16 years ago

New FCC co-chair is a Level 70 Tauren Shaman (he’s a World of Warcraft player)

It’s great that president-elect Obama has a tech agenda but is it a good idea to nominate a person to the FCC board who’s a ‘WoW’ player. BoingBoing found out not only is the person a “virtual worlds nuts” but a World of Warcraft player.

Okay, so we might know the guy as Kevin Werbach out here in meatspace, but to his Terror Nova Guild buddies, he’s better known as Supernovan Jenkins (the first name presumably a reference to Werbach’s Supernova tech conference series), and he’s a Level 70 Tauren Shaman.

I have no idea what a Level 70 Tauren Shaman is, so I asked my WoW-addict cousin, Chris, what a Level 70 Tauren Shaman is.

Tauren is a race in world of warcraft, its basically a cow, but standing up. (They) can either heal or deal damage based on how they are “specced”. Starting at level 10, you get things called talent points. you get one per level until you hit the level cap, which is now 80. You can use those points to increase the effect of your spells, get new spells, or increase effects that your class has. This shaman apparently on the link is a restoration shaman, so heals.

Still confused? So am I! However, later on in the interview, my cousin revealed that the person is good, I guess.

Did you see the “jenkins” thing in the picture? One achievement is called Leeeeeeeeeeroy Jenkins, and you basically have to kill 50 dragon things in 15 seconds

So when the FCC won’t be able to accomplish items because a certain person is barricaded in his office playing the newly released expansion pack. This is not change some people voted for! Although I wonder if President-elect Obama is a ‘WoW’ gamer?