This article was published 12 years ago

New top-level domains are here

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Image credit: Flickr / Henrik Bennetsen

The Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers finally reveled the list of new top-level domains. What’s a top level domain? Anything that ends with dot whatever is a top-level domain –  .com, .net, .org, .tv, .ly, for example. ICANN knows that eventually we will run out of domain names and opened up for anyone to buy a generic top-level domain.

The results: some where able to get one gTLD while others have to enter into auction as many tried to grab one top-level domain. You can read the list from ICANN and see who got what during the process.

Of course, anything ICANN does will have some controversy. Guardian UK has a story about the controversy over Google and Amazon snapping up many of the generic top-level domain names, like .cloud, .book and .phone. ArsTechnica also has a story on which gTLDs will be going to auction and how some groups are trying to stop the creation of generic top-level domains.

A couple of items caught my eye while reading the list:

  • ABC (American Broadcasting Company), CBS and FOX were able to get their own gTLD, which will make it easy to access Jimmy Kimmel Live showpage by visiting instead of going to or visiting the front page, then click on shows and then scrolling down to the Jimmy Kimmel Live link
  • The Weather Channel was able to get .weather and .weatherchannel, which will make it easy to get the five day forecast for New Orleans by going to instead of going to and enter a new orleans zip code (or Googling zip codes new orleans).
  • Both political parties got gTLDs as well; .gop for Republicans and .democrats for Democrats. Many lobbying groups got on the landgrab as well like the American Association of Retired People (.aarp) and the National Rifle Association (.nra)
  • DISH network acquired two gTLDs that may result in a lawsuit from DirecTV with .dtv and .direct
  • The cities of London, United Kingdom; Melbourne, Victoria, Australia; Moscow, Russia and New York, New York also got their own domain names; Saudi Arabia Telcom also grabbed lots of gTLDs.