This article was published 16 years ago

Obama advertises in Burnout: Paradise

Burnout Paradise Obama Democratic nominiee
Democratic candidate Barack Obama advertising in Criterion Games’s Burnout: Paradise. – Image credit: Criterion Games/EA is reporting that a user named Dragunov765 has captured a photo of the Obama campaign advertising on the video game, Burnout: Paradise

We were tipped to the pix by a GP reader who vouches for the guy. In turn we contacted Dragonuv, who commented on the ads:

“Here’s the photos I took while playing Burnout: Paradise on the XBox 360. I don’t know how often they rotate the in-game advertising, but I imagine they are still up.

I gotta give [Obama] credit for covering all the bases. I also think this is an interesting endorsement for adults as gamers (or maybe he’s planting the seeds for a re-election bid in 4 years…)”

No matter what your political view of Obama is, you have to give him credit for going in new directions to get votes. By going where the YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and now XBox 360.