This article was published 17 years ago

Plano scales back on wi-fi plans

Now that I’ve resuscitated myself after watching another LSU finish, I started visiting my websites to see what was going on in Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX. Even though I’m no longer living in the metroplex, I still visit the news outlets to see what’s going on around town. When I went to the Dallas Morning News, I came across this story about Plano scaling back on free wi-fi.

I remember when the city of Plano introduced this. I was very excited, especially since AT&T was horrible because I was too far from the CO (central office) and Comcast was too expensive for me. Now that they’re scaling back, I’m not really surprised. Many cities have been scaling back after Earthlink announced that they would be scaling back on their wi-fi plans (I think Earthlink still operates the New Orleans market).

The problem is that the signal wi-fi base station broadcasts averages about 3,000 feet, which means you have to mesh together base stations to create one big mesh-cloud. This is very costly and extreme hard to achieve, especially since Plano does have small hills. Wimax should solve this problem because wimax can broadcast for miles instead of feet. The real question: will cities that are operating wi-fi like Addison move to wimax? or will cities like Plano that had plans to operate a wi-fi network go with wimax? We’ll see . . .