This article was published 15 years ago

Re-launch number (lost count)

If I had a nickel everytime I re-launched this website, I might be 25 cents richer. I really lost count the number of times I re-launched this website.  I’m sure my readers are annoyed at the constant re-designs as I am at actually editing the site. Even with all the downtime, I can almost call myself an expert at designing a WordPress site.

Here’s what I can promise you, you won’t see another redesign in the near future.

This is it!

This is our new (and hopefully final) design.

Even though the design is finished, we’re still adding new items to the site and tweaking what’s already there. So for the time being, the website is going to be in beta for a while.

While tweaking the existing code, new items will be added in the future. We’re also bringing back items that we’re cancelled in the past. What are these news items we’re talking about? Here are some of the items we’re working on to be released in the future.


We’re resurrecting The Daily Delete and renaming it CTRL Daily (We will also accept Control Daily). This will be a daily podcast that will feature the latest technology news along with my witty comments about tech trends in a short format (around five minutes).

Two other shows are also being developed and plans for those shows will be released in a couple of months.

CTRL Daily will be re-released October 12 and the other shows will air in January 2010.

Video Clips

While there are popular technology shows that discuss the issues and news that are facing the technology sector, there isn’t a show that deals with people asking for help about technology issues – at least from the research I’ve looked into. We are going to fix that void and enter that market.

We’re going to create short clips that will feature the following:

  • Answer people’s question about technology-related issues
  • Product reviews
  • Showing simple hack tricks for your products

We have no timetable when this will be showcased on the website. There are a lot of items that need to be accomplished before we’re ready for primetime.

Social Networks

We’re also developing a social network where people can showcase their favorite gadgets and interact with other readers. Some of the items in the social network will feature:

  • Rant about the items missing that will make their gadgets awesome.
  • Discuss and interact stories with other members.

Just like the video clips, we have no timeline when this feature will be available.

These are just of the great items we’ll be adding to the website in the future now that the design process is complete. Once again, I apologize for endless amounts of re-designs we put on the website.

Here’s to the future . . .