This article was published 15 years ago

Round 1 of the DTV switch-over

One of the reasons for delaying the digital TV switch-over was because people were not ready for the transition.  And depending on which organization you ask, it was either a successful or troublesome transition.

In an article posted by James Hibberd from Reuters, “The National Association of Broadcasters said stations are averaging 50 to 200 calls from viewers with questions about the switch-over from analog transmission, while the Federal Communications Commission has received 28,000 phone calls from viewers”

Most of TV stations that turned off analog were in smaller markets like Oklahoma City, Oka. and Topeka, Kans; the markets that were expected to see the most of the complaints originate from.  Judging from the amount of calls the NAB reported, stations that turned off their analog signals got an average of 200 calls.

This clearly states that people were ready for the digital transition and the DTV delay should not have been delayed.  I do not expect the digital transition to be delayed again after June 12.

Here in Louisiana, two stations that did turn off their analog signals received no reports of complaints from viewers.

I’m very surprised that people in Alexandria and Monroe were prepared for the transition.