This article was published 14 years ago

Short blogging, shows and a new theme coming

I’m going to add short stories to the blog. They’re not enough to add full content and categorized as an article but enough to add some value to the readers. You’ll see an example in the coming days.

As for our podcasts, we’re having technical issues with our podcasts, The 571 show and CTRL Daily. For some reason, I can only record 20 to 30 minutes of audio. My microphone records static after 30 minutes.

I’ve ordered new microphones and a mixer that will correct the issues we’re having. I just got a notice today that the mixer I ordered is sold out and they do not know when I will get the mixer I ordered. Until we receive the mixer and microphone, all shows are suspended until further notice.

And finally with the release of the iPad and other e-book readers, I am redesign the design of the blog. The main reason we’re doing a redesign is to make our site look legible in these e-book readers. I will continue to contribute to the site and I will work on the design phase at night. I’m aiming for a release date this Summer.