This article was published 15 years ago
Siggraph 2009

Siggraph: the move to 3D animation

3DTV 3D Siggraph New Orleans conference
Attendees watch a presentation wearing 3D glasses at a JVC booth at Siggraph New Orleans conference – Image credit: Gregory Schultz / OpenBayou
New Orleans, La.

If felt like the push to 3D was an ongoing theme at the 2009 Siggraph conference.  A line formed for people waiting for a screening of a Real 3D movie.  The first day of the conference started with a course on “advances in real-time rendering in 3D graphics and games”.

Will Wright even touched on the move to 3D animation, saying that some use it because its “1.5 times better than 2D”.  Several vendors on the exhibitor floor were promoting 3D products, from AutoDesk to JVC.  One vendor even showed 3D graphics without the glasses.

Sharing a booth with AutoDesk, Alioscopy showcased their product, 3D images without glasses.  In a press release, the company demonstrated “its autostereoscopic ‘no-glasses’ technology.”   Alioscopy showed passer-bys “finished autostereoscopic 3D content on a proprietary HD LCD display” as well as “outlining how artists and technical directors can use various editions of Autodesk software to create and composite autostereoscopic 3D computer generated content for playback on Alioscopy LCD displays.”  Unfortunately, the 3D effect did not show up when I took the photo.

Don’t expect this to be on sale for the public as this will be pushed for displaying advertisements in “retail, hospitality, casinos and gaming, theater lobbies, trade shows and exhibitions, concerts and events, and architectural and medical visualization.”