This article was published 15 years ago

SiriusXM rate increase coming March 11

SiruisBuzz confirms that a rate increase is coming March 11, but the subscription will only affect additional subscriptions and Internet radio.

From SiriusBuzz blog: “Customer support representatives are now confirming to the general public that the rates will go into effect on March 11th and they are encouraging current subscribers to lock in at their current and soon to be grandfathered rates for 3 years, before it is too late.”

“As suspected the will be a $2 increase for additional subscriptions and a $2.99 fee for the online internet radio service. The silver lining in all of this is that all internet subscriptions will now feature the 128k “premium” feed.”

If the rate increase is only for additional subscriptions and Internet radio, this would only affect certain groups as the majority of users (I’m guessing because I have only one subscription) have one subscription, like car radios or portable units like the Pioneer XMP3.