This article was published 11 years ago

Slow down on writing Netflix’s eulogy

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Image credit: Netflix

As soon as the United States Post Office announced that they’re ending Saturday mail service (except for packages and pending congressional approval), Netflix was placed on deathwatch. And what happens when your company is placed on life-support, the stock goes up 5.52% and rising. The stock closed at 184.41, up 10.02‎ or 5.75%‎. Because Wall Street and sane people like me knows it’s ridiculous is write off Netflix.

One reason not to write off Netflix: depending on congressional approval, people will still get mail delivered for five days a week, expect on federal holidays. Losing a day of mail and the company is doomed for life?!?! Life still goes on! If anyone has that opinion, investigate their stock portfolio and see how much UPS and FedEx stock they hold. It might surprise you.

Second reason why Netflix is not on life support is the streaming catalog. It is indeed true that the selection of streaming content is small compared to the DVD catalog but it is getting bigger. Mainly because Netflix is investing in original content. House of Cards – Netflix’s first original series – is getting rave reviews; some even suggest we seeing the future of television viewing. New episodes of the highly-acclaimed comedy series Arrested Development returns in May and there are talks that Netflix could revive Jericho, another critically-claimed TV series that was cancelled by dumb executives.

So stop writing the eulogy for Netflix, they’re far from dead!