This article was published 16 years ago

Study: Facebook users are whiny, narcissistic

Facebook users are whiny — maybe even borderline narcissist — and a new study backs this up.

A recent study published in the “Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin” showcased what many people already know of Facebook users — that many of them are narcissists.

A personality test was given to 129 college students who were then asked to show their Facebook profiles.  Researchers looked for personality traits that were answered on the tests. The results? Users want to show off everything about themselves, including items many people wouldn’t tell their parents.

It’s very easy to spot a narcissist Facebook user.

One example Facebook narcissists like to do is display riot-like anger anytime a new feature is unveiled or a new design is launched.  Riots broke out online when Facebook opened up the site to the outside world — those that do not have an “.edu” e-mail address.

Same thing happened when the newsfeed was unveiled — even if it was the best feature Facebook has unveiled so far.

Another way to identify a narcissists — see how many friends they have or the number of groups they joined.  How long your ‘About me’ and quotations sections are can also identify a narcissist Facebook user.
If you have thousands of photos all about you and your friends sitting in the student section at a LSU home game, you’re a narcissist.

Facebook users also like to tell everyone what they think, whether people want to hear it or not.

Facebook recently unveiled a new design that has many people upset and some users threatening to cancel their account.  So far, 1,500 members have joined the group “5,000,000 AGAINST the NEW FACEBOOK DESIGN.”
The group is very short of reaching their goals.  Even if they did have the powers to change the site, it’s not going back.

“It’s tempting to say that we should just support both designs, but this isn’t as simple as it sounds,” Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg said on a blog post last week, “Supporting two versions is a huge amount of work for our small team, and it would mean that going forward we would have to build everything twice. If we did that then neither version would get our full attention.”

Get used to the new Facebook design.

The new look is needed. Wall posts on users’ profiles would go on forever. It allows better organization of wall posts, status updates, photos and items posted on people’s profiles.  Moving the applications on the bottom of the page reminds users of the Windows taskbar with quick view.

It’s hard to change habits and adopt new habits as well

Users knew how to get around the old site and knew where to go to get items done on the old site, even if it was a long, tedious process.

When the new design was launched and users had to learn a new routine, people got upset.  Since users aren’t paying for free access to Facebook, Zuckerberg and his team can do whatever they please.

Since Facebook is full of narcissists, we can expect more complaining when new features are unveiled.  One feature Facebook needs is deletion of users because the complaining is getting old and tired.

If you don’t like what Facebook offers, there’s always MySpace — filled with awful designs of dark text overlapping a dark background, automatic playing of offensive music with no option to stop and an endless amount of garbage.

If you hate the new design, please leave so the rest of us can enjoy the new design in peace.

This column appeared in the Daily Reveille newspaper on Friday, October 3, 2008 called "Study: Facebook users are whiney, narcissistic"