This article was published 16 years ago

The Simpsons mock Apple

If you missed The Simpsons last night and your a big Apple fan, don’t bother watching it. The first five minutes ridicule Apple products, the staff, the ‘genius bar’, Apple fanboys and Steve Jobs. Best line was between Lisa and an Mapple employee. Lisa: I can’t afford of your products but can I buy fake white headphones so that it looks like I have a mypod? Employee: Sure. We call them myphonies. They cost $40.

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You can watch the entire episode at Hulu.

And a big kudos goes to Hulu for putting last night’s episode up the next day. Hulu still needs to fix putting up episodes in order instead of putting up episodes out of order. And stick with putting up episodes the next day instead of several days later. However since many people missed the episode last night, Hulu has it.