This article was published 15 years ago

Thoughts on the Sprint’s new commercial

If you watched ‘Surviving Suburbana’ on ABC last night, you may have noticed – providing you didn’t fast-forward through the commercials – Sprint’s new commercial featuring the Palm Pre.

Even though this is the first ad that features how many ‘tweets’ were sent on Sprint’s network, a somewhat unreliable stat that 74% of people know what Twitter is and that 7% of all email sent on Sprint Network is spam; it’s also Sprint’s first public statement of their new 4G Wi-Max network.

And the first public viewing of the Palm Pre.

Putting the terms ‘Nation’s newest 4G network’ and the Palm Pre makes me wonder – could the Palm Pre be the first Wi-Max phone on the Sprint network? It could. And after see the television commercial, I believe it’s a reality. Even after the phone’s debut at the Consumer Electronic Showcase; there’s still an unknown on how much the phone will cost, the exact release date (some time in the summer), and the specs of the phone.

Of course this is Palm we’re talking about. A company that does not have an excellent track record on innovation – remember the portfolio?

Palm has no choice but to be innovative. The iPhone is the current phone that’s causing people to switch to AT&T. The Palm Pre will decide the company’s future.

It could also decide the future of Sprint as well. Sprint has been losing subscribers to AT&T and Verizon because their lousy customer service, poor reception and no thrills phone choices. Not to mention that their acquisition of Nextel is still draining Sprint’s stock value.

The Palm Pre is the REAL Jesus phone – this phone could save Palm. And we’re hoping it does.

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