This article was published 16 years ago

Time Warner Cable takes channel disputes to a new level

Time warner cable LIN disruption
Image credit: Time Warner Cable

Don’t you love it when local affiliates and cable companies get into a transmitting dispute and the cable company pulls your favorite channel until the dispute is settled?  Everyone has gone through this at least once or twice.  Now Time Warner Cable and LIN TV are in a transmitting dispute and instead of Time Warner suggesting viewers to call the local affiliate, Time Warner is suggesting a radical idea.

Hook you computer to the TV.

The video is hilarious because the average person doesn’t know that they can do this to their computer and the video instructions are really funny.  Funny to me because the process is complicated to the average person.  They could given instructions on how to hook an antenna to TV, it would have been much easier.

LIN TV is still sticking to their normal advertisements when going through a dispute with a cable company, switch to satellite or telephone.

Anyway, here’s a link to the video (Windows Media required)