This article was published 16 years ago

U-verse coming to southeast Louisiana

Competition in cable is coming to Baton Rouge when the Baton Rouge Metro Council approved AT&T cable service via copper or fiber lines.

The agreement, ratified by a unanimous vote by the Metro Council Wednesday night, will allow the company to begin providing Internet-based television programming along with its Internet and phone service through fiber or copper lines using a set-top box.

AT&T is also trying to enter other markets in the state, including New Orleans.  However don’t expect U-verse to enter the market anytime soon

But AT&T spokeswoman Karen Beck said the company will not say when people can begin using the service, called AT&T U-verse, already offered in 12 states.

How did AT&T get TV service in Baton Rouge, have the city get some of the monthly subscription fees

The city-parish will get 5 percent of AT&T’s gross revenue from subscription fees and 0.5 percent of gross revenue to support the capital costs incurred for the construction and operation of the city-parish’s public, educational and governmental channels.

What’s missing from the article is Cox Communications (cable company for Baton Rouge) response to the council’s approval of AT&T’s U-verse entering the market.  I’ll bet there not satisfied about the decision.