This article was published 16 years ago

UK toddlers addicted to TV and Video games; government considers screening process

A new study out of the United Kingdom finds that many toddlers are so addicted to video games and watching television that many can not remember nursery rhythms and some do not know their own names. In an article published in the Daily Telegraph, “Barely a 10th of children in some areas can repeat even one nursery rhyme and, in extreme cases, some do not even know their own name.”

“An ambitious nationwide screening programme for two-year-olds is reportedly being considered to tackle the problem which experts say is now more prevalent than dyslexia or autism.”

The article also points out that video games and television watch isn’t entire to blame as “the decline of the traditional family meal time, the long-hours culture in the parents’ workplaces, poor childcare with little stimulation and social deprivation are also being blamed.”