This article was published 16 years ago

Waste management sues SAP over software failure

Waste management filed a $100 million lawsuit against software maker SAP over what Waste Management claims is a failed computer system that did not save the company money.

The software maker sold Waste Management computer programs that were supposed to be designed to manage tasks unique to U.S. companies that haul waste and handle recycling, with no customization required, the lawsuit said.

Those programs handle tasks including billing, waste logistics, container management, and on-board computing, according to a December 2005 press release from SAP America.

“Unknown to Waste Management, this ‘United States’ version of the Waste and Recycling Software was undeveloped, untested, and defective,” the suit says.

If waste management wins the suit, will others file suit on companies like Microsoft and Apple because of defective software?  Would Microsoft be sued over the failure of Vista?