This article was published 14 years ago

We were hacked this morning

Sometime between 5:00AM and 12:00P Central Time, this website – along with my personal blog and my high school photo and video blog – was compromised. While the investigation is still on-going, the main focus is pin-pointing where the security breach occurred as well as identifying the weak point in the site.

After consulting with other WordPress users, I have reason to believe that a vulnerability in a plugin led to the site being compromised. As of now, all plug-ins have been disabled. The comment section will not be closed.

All of our websites have been using WordPress for years without a problem. All the plug-ins have been maintained to the recent versions as well as the coding behind WordPress as well. The recent security breach has lost my deep faith in have all of site use WordPress.

It’s best that we use different content management systems instead of relying on one, even though other files outside the website were compromised as well. ControlAltTV will remain on WordPress. After the roll out the new design for ControlAltTV, my personal blog will move to Movable Type and my high school photoblog will move to Drupal.